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  • Listening to: Infected Mushroom
  • Reading: Srpski mitoloski recnik
  • Drinking: herbal tea
Some music for you :*…………

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  • Listening to: Skyclad/Korpiklaani
  • Reading: Sandman
  • Drinking: herbal tea
Today I passed my last exam and I have a holiday now. Finally some free time to finish all sketches that I've made for last month. ;) The next ASoIaF characters to draw are propably Jaime, Arya, Dany (again) and Asha. :)

If you have a minute, please visit this site:

My friend asked me to put here this link. :) The band sounds a bit too much like Soundgarden but it's cool. ;]
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  • Reading: Emma Bull - 'War for the Oaks'
The winter finally came to Poland two weeks ago... and seems it's already over. :(

Sorry for not answering your comments for so long - only just I've found some free time to manage all those deviations and messages that have appeard for last weeks.

Actually I'm working on two pieces. One of them was started by impulse - here -… - you can see a project for this picture that I've done last week on a exam while waiting for my turn. I was drawing on my notes, so excuse me bad quality. The title of the picture will be Indian Summer and it should be ready soon. ^^

The second one will belong to a series of drawings depicting some of my city's monuments that I've started with this picture:
Brama Stągiewna…
But after finishing that one I'm going to break this series off for some time and...

come back to ASoIaF art ^^
Mood: tired
Reading: G.R.R. Martin A Feast for Crows (Polish edition)/S. Clarke Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrel
Listening to: Zdob Si Zdub "Agromantica"

Recently A Feast for Crows was published in Poland… At last. But it's only a first half of the book (the second part is said to appear soon) – of course the splitting is only for money, I'm very disappointed of this manner of our publisher. And I hate the cover too, it's really awful. But the book is quite good, though different than the previous tomes. Lack of Tyrion and Dany is a little annoying but I liked Jaime's and Cersei's chapters very much… and I think Jon's absence is one of the greatest advantages of the book. :evillaugh:

Today I passed my last English exam – no more learning English! At all! Hooray! :) First part of the exam that was on Monday included listening, reading, grammar use and writing (some formal letter or review of a book – of course I wrote about AffC ;)). Today I had oral exam; I was completely terrified because I'm rather weak in speaking, so I was learning all night (with a door to my room covered with a black sheet that my family couldn't see the light ;))… but it was quite easy and I got a good note. I have still three another exams to pass so wish me luck!  ^_^

Having a lot of work with my exams I don't have much time to draw and submit some new pictures... but it will change after 10th June. :)
feeling: sleepy
reading: G.R.R. Martin 'The Armageddon Rag'
listening to: Dead Can Dance 'Spiritchaser'/Аркона "Возрождение"

Today I made a little update; somewhat late, but now I'll be adding next pictures more often. Big thanks for all who visited my gallery... :hug:

And sorry for my terrible English. ^^